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About The Book

Forget Having Kids – I’m Having Fun is a book about making choices: Choices about living life, and about giving life.

Through clever, intimate, and relatable personal anecdotes, author Dane Reid shares why he chooses a child-free life. His no-holds-barred, real-life, and sometimes exaggerated stories are equal parts edgy, racy, funny, and wise. Forget Having Kids pushes boundaries in its examination of such topics as: parental rights, corporal punishment, expectations vs reality of being a parent, and the high cost of raising children. This insight-filled book encourages positive self-care while challenging traditional ideas of the role a man plays in deciding whether or not to have children.

Forget Having Kids – I’m Having Fun is the perfect conversation starter for parents reflecting on their journey through parenthood, people considering having children, the childfree by choice community, or anyone intrigued by the possibility of a child-free life and the freedom that it can bring: Basically everyone except kids.