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4 Reasons To Voiceover Blog- An Interview With Derek Chappell

I’ve been fortunate to do two things that I really love to do in this lifetime. One of them is to travel. The other is to do voiceover. I’ve been all around the world to some really impressive places and in many instances, wherever my physical body hasn’t been, my voice has traveled to. But one such place where neither had ever journeyed to was Ottawa, Kansas. Ottawa is a town one hour from Kansas City and where I met Derek Chappell in person. And from the first moment we met, we hit it off. Derek was quite humble about his town, thinking that my international travels would cause me to be bored as we drove around his hometown. He was wrong. Ottawa was Middle America, at the center of who we are. And how fitting! Derek himself was at center of the voiceover world.

20150806_135804Derek was one of the first people to ever pick up on my voiceover blog and channel. When I first ventured to tell my story as a voiceover talent, he was one of the first ones to listen. Derek had been listening to the stories of voiceover bloggers for several years. As a voiceover talent himself, he not only blogged but was an enthusiast and cheerleader of other talents. He developed a system of being alerted of new voiceover blogs and industry news. This not only allowed him to continuously learn more about the business that he loved, but also to promote the work of fellow voice talents that he admired.

Derek and I had one major disagreement though. He is an avid Royals fan. As a lifelong Yankee fan and Mets supporter, it was hard not to be distracted by his Royal’s Blue. But we got through it. But if there is one big thing that we could agree on, it was the reasons why VO Talent Should do voiceover blogs.

Blogging in any industry is beneficial to a business. It’s a way to keep consumers aware of what’s going on with your business. Here are 4 reasons you should voiceover blog

Pinocchio once proclaimed “I’M A REAL BOY NOW!!!” It was probably after he published his first blog. Blogging makes you human. Before blogging, I was just a business with a name and it was one of many voiceover businesses. But blogging has changed who I was from “Dane Reid Media” to simply “Dane.” Blogging makes you feel as if you know some of the industry’s finest like Dave Courvosier, or Dan Friedman, or Lance Blair or Marc Scott. It puts a face to a name and makes readers feel more personal with the voiceover blogger.

2)Increase Leads
And sometimes those readers become buyers… I talked about business being personal in my vacation and voiceover blog click here. In it I discussed 5 Steps to Keeping You Relevant In Voiceover. One of those very important steps was maintaining relationships. People tend to buy from people they know. In feeling that someone knows you, they are more apt to go from being a reader to a friend to a buyer.

3)Long & Short Term Search Results
People are looking for you right now. But if you just blend in then how will they find you? While Google constantly changes it’s search algorithms, one thing remains constant. The number of pages other people visit helps you with relevance. When someone is searching for your kind of voice and you have been blogging about your talent or other relevant info, you are easier to find. Initially after your blog is released you will see a bump in page view. Hopefully, since those pages never disappear someone will run into them again a year or two when you least expect it and will call you to work on their project. I can tell you from personal results that it has happened with me.

4)Establishes The Blogger As A Resource
Sometimes I still Google the word “Voiceover.” It’s because I’m looking for possibly something in the industry that I didn’t know already. I’m looking for a resource on the latest trends, the best gear, the top searched talent (and what they are doing right) and just any information on the career that I love. Today when I googled the word several things came up. Voices.com, Thats Voiceover, Gary Terzza’s page and Oh… Freakin’ Fiverr. One of those results leads you to a voiceover blogger who has a plethora of information which he freely shaDerek Chappell & 4 Reasons To Voiceover Blogres. (The last one leads the voiceover industry into the depths of despair). Search results vary depending on your location but certainly Gary has done something great to establish himself as an authority and a resource. This can be great for business. Although I know from personal experience also, that it can serve as a distraction when everyone who wants information on how to get your job finds your number and calls. Either way, from where I sit, if you want a resource on the industry and training videos, contact Gary Terzza.

And if you need a voice for your business contact Derek Chappell. Derek no longer practices law during his days as he talked about in the video and has gone back to radio. He broadcasts for a local ABC Radio affiliate KOFO in Ottawa, Kansas and does phenomenal voiceover work from his home studio. Derek and I remain bitter sports rivals. I had to humble myself as his Royals beat my hometown Mets to win the 2015 MLB World Series. But if I had to eat humble pie around anyone, I’d rather it be around a great guy like Derek. Contact Derek at http://www.thevoiceofyourbusiness.com/


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