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Vacation & Voice Over In Thailand

When you work hard, you should play hard. But this playground was 22 hours awayfrom my doorstep. Thailand! A place I loved so much I had to visit twice in 7 months.

Thailand is an alluring place. I met an ex US soldier in Tokyo who said to me that he
had been all over the world but Thailand was his favorite place. So much so that he had
moved there. And I see why.

My tour guide to this constitutional monarchy was Jackie, a beautiful 32 year old
woman who I met hanging out with some friends. Jackie was from Chang Mai, and is
the daughter of a Thai mother who passed and an African American US Army father
who she had never known. We had great conversations where she shared what Thai
life was like. She also surprisingly knew a lot about US culture with great accuracy. She
agreed she would pick me up from my hotel room and take me around Pattaya to find
voice over work.

I did a lot of research about voice over in Thailand before I started knocking on doors. Many of the doors were
closed and one was even slammed in my face but I found a be gentleman who ran a
local tv and radio station who spoke to me. I talked to him for quite a while and kept in
touch but found that the rates for doing voiceover, at least in Pattaya Beach were quite

On my next trip I some more networking but this time in Bangkok. But Bangkok is also
a big city with lots of tourist attractions that I took full as anywhere of. From the Kings
Palace to the river ride to the market, I really took it in.

From there it was of to Phukett in the south of Thailand. Phukett is a beautiful pace
far from the hustle and bustle of the capital, Bangkok. It’s relaxing and the water and
landscape are breathtaking. Phukett is famous for being one of the places in Thailand
where the the tsunami hit and over 10,000 died or went missing. Now there is a clearer
evacuation plan and early warning systems in place to help residents and tourist
survive possible devastation.

From Phukett back to Pattya beach where I ran into that ex US soldier by coincidence.
We hung out for a few days and he really explained more in detail why he loved this
place. It was also in Pattya when I started checking my email and realized that i had
missed a few voiceovers and auditions. But I was prepared.

In anticipation of doing actual voice over in Thailand I brought my Harlan Hogan potabooth to see
if the old thing still had it. It still had it. And i still had to squeeze work in to playtime. I
guess as a working voice actor there is no such thing as a real vacation. But Thailand is
one hell of a workplace.

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