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Conditions of Service

Thank you for choosing Dane Reid Media, LLC for your voice over and commercial production needs.


Once you have submitted your information, you will be informed of a quote for your project by phone or email. Pricing may vary depending on your project and production workload. Short term local use projects may receive lower quotes.


Production/work begins on your project once the payment is made or future billing is agreed upon. All non-metro Atlanta clients must pay before production/work begins. Clients must provide all information and special music request at the time of payment. Once production/work on your project has began, you WILL be billed $25-$50 per change unless deemed error on the part of Dane Reid Media, LLC. Additionally, Dane Reid Media is not responsible for the airing of your voice over or commercials so payment is required once your project is completed regardless of whether you use/air the voice over/commercial or not.

Dry Voice Overs

Dry Voice Overs are often quoted based on usage. Common factors include T.V. vs. Radio usage, corporate narrations, broadcast usage, long or short term use, and local vs. regional and national use.


Additional charges may apply for telephone drops/call ins added to your production. Clients are allowed 1 free call-in per production. Live call ins must be made at the scheduled time of production otherwise will be billed at an additional charge of $25-$50. Additional call-ins (2 or more call-ins) are also billed at $25-$50.


Client assumes all liabilities for his or her commercials and dry voice over including but not limited to the use of music within the produced commercial and information disseminated in the script once purchased from Dane Reid Media, LLC. (Bottom line, You accept all liabilities for unlicensed music used in production.) Dane Reid Media, LLC. also reserves the right to use any/all parts of the production for demo purposes or future productions.

Writng Fees

Writing fees may apply for long term use produced commercials and all dry voice overs.

Additional Charges

Additional charges may apply to your project. Conditions/ amendments made me made at any time without notice. Please check with Dane Reid Media, LLC for changes.