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Recorded First Voice Over Demo

Voiced First Radio Commercials. Was Paid $75.00 for that job.

Received First Microphone. It was a Rode NT1A



Purchased equipment to record my own voice-overs.

Began learning to cut radio commercials with the help of another talent.

Cut first radio club commercial for which I received $300.00

Decided on the name “Dane Reid Media”

First website constructed

First business cards made

Conceptualized DRM Ringtones which became MyTalkTones.com and BibleVerseRingtones.com

Wrote “Dana The Procrastinator”



Began getting regular work.

Finished recording the bulk of DRM Ringtones. Splash page for DRMRingtones.com was built.

Wrote “Raymond The Runaway”



Began the illustration process for “Dana The Procrastinator”

Incorporated Dane Reid Media LLC

“Dana The Procrastinator” goes to printing



Purchase Dana The Procrastinator


Launched “Dana The Procrastinator”

Launched KidsReid.com

Began motivational speaking in various school systems



Launched Mytalktones.com and BibleVerseRingtones.com (formerly DRMringtones)

Began the illustration process for “Raymond The Runaway”



Upgraded key elements of my voice over studio to produce a cleaner more potent sound

Added blog to DaneReidMedia.com



Redesign of Dane Reid Media website

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