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Voice Over Talent Dane Reid In The Studio.
Dane Reid

Voice Actor, Narrator, Radio Commercial Producer, Live Announcer, Writer, Storyteller & World Traveler

As famous for his world travels as he is for his world class voice, Dane Reid has made a name for himself using his powerful voice to reflect his vast life experience. His work since 2004 has been edgy as he has provided the voiceover industry with a strong voice with just the right mix of attitude, understanding diversity and just plain fun. Working as a commercial producer for event commercials for a decade and a half, Dane Reid is most proud of the creativity he has demonstrated in each of his many thousands of commercials. That creativity and attitude extends to his radio imaging as well.

When it comes to voiceover, Dane is amazing at breaking down a script and owning it. His reads are uniquely his own and the diversity in his style is a testament to his ability to listen and learn. Dane has the abilty to sound corporate when needed, small market when required and around the way when called upon. And he has been called upon by companies like Sprite and Coca Cola, Radio One, Lockheed Martin, Publix, Verizon and a multitude of others. Additionally Dane’s voice has been the voice of live events as an announcer for events representing  The Andrew Young Foundation and he has traveled with and announced for the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters.

His passion in life is telling the stories of people. At this point, Dane has traveled to over 27 countries and 34 states where he has met people in their homes, villages and gathering places. He has listened to their stories and often tells their stories when he returns back home. Experience has been his greatest voiceover coach and he remembers to read the scripts as they were told and shown to him.

In his personal life Dane is a nerd and an information junky. He is a pesky fact checker who conversely is often the funniest person in the room. He is compassionate, sometimes to a fault but equally unmoving as it pertains to injustice. He enjoys learning and teaching, creating and dissecting and long walks in the park, as long as the park is on the other side of the globe. He enjoys a few regular things too. But for him, spending time with friends and family, weight lifting, eating out or martial arts training all seemed too ordinary to mention.