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Dane Reid knew he had a knack for voices since he was 5 years old growing up in Brooklyn , New York . He would often call his mother’s job disguising his voice just to confuse the operator. But it wasn’t just voices that he took an interest in, Dane learned to read well before he started school from many painstaking hours with his mother. He watched his older brother spend much of his free moments doing creative writing and followed the influence of his father Desmond who is an accomplished publisher, writer and owner of DARE Books in Brooklyn . With a strong educational influence, he excelled in P.S. 268K as a top reader and writer.

He went on to attend Hunter College High School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where he gained many life long friends and influences. While at Hunter, Dane wrote many eye popping short stories in his creative writing classes that circulated and stimulated the interest of much of the school. Even those who were not taking the class flocked to his weekly stories.

Meanwhile Dane’s already deep voice continued to grow. One of his friends now tells the story of her father’s stated mistrust for Dane, because of his then extremely mature sounding voice. From Hunter, Dane moved on to graduate from City As High School in the Chelsea district of Manhattan.

Dane relocated to Atlanta , Georgia to major in journalism at Morris Brown College . After a year, he changed his mass media concentration to radio broadcasting. Dane learned from experienced professionals at Morris Brown College and Clark Atlanta University . In his second year, Dane recorded a rap parody album produced by his younger brother, where he performed most of the voices. In his last semester of college, he interned at Radio One Atlanta in the promotions department.

After college Dane left his dream of writing and broadcasting for the realities of life and bills. He took a job with the Fulton County School System where he had an opportunity to teach and influence many children. He took much of his free time to travel the vast lands of the United States while still keeping himself true to his New York roots, spending much of his time in his hometown.

While reflecting back on his parody album, “The Dane Dawg Project,” Dane received a call from a good friend. He was already considering doing voice over work when his friend said to him “Dane you should consider doing voice over work.” This was confirmation for Dane who immediately contacted Soundbite Studios Atlanta to help him record his demo. While recording, the engineer, who had never met Dane prior, was impressed with his ability to convert his intense New York accent into a viable and versatile vocal presence.

Today Dane continues to promote his talents and deliver dynamic voice recordings for his clients. He founded and heads Dane Reid Media, a company dedicated to providing voice services, creative advertising solutions and interactive publishings.

I’m Dane Reid. This, in part is my story. Please stay tuned for more as my saga continues.