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VO Agent Jeffrey Umberger- What Books Voiceover Work?

He’s one of the Southeast premiere voiceover agents, representing over 400 talents from celebrity voices to voiceover bloggers like myself. His agency fields auditions for jobs from Publix, to Walking Dead to Network promos and he does it without breaking a sweat. In fact Jeffrey Umberger runs his Atlanta based Umberger Agency almost entirely by himself, and still has time to appear locally and nationally on panels to dish out expert advice on the voiceover industry. To say Jeffrey Umberger has an ear for voiceover would be an understatement. He is one of the most known, respected and talented agents around. And he’s done this all without a New York or L.A. office which is pretty remarkable. Jeffrey has a great ear which he developed while at another agency directing talent. I interviewed Jeffrey Umberger at his home last year in Atlanta. We sat down and he gave me the inside scoop on how to land an agent, what components of a demo catch agents and clients attention and what helps clients book actual jobs. Jeffrey and his expert advice are everywhere. Earlier this year he was a panelist at VO Atlanta 2014. He regularly appears as a panelist around Atlanta, does some coaching and teaches VO business success classes. Additionally he is a featured agent at the “That’s Voiceover” Career Expo in New York and will be appearing at Randy Thomas’s Voiceover Mastery Event in Ft. Myers Fl. To top it off Jeffrey is a really nice and humble guy. Whether you are one of his top booking talent or someone who has no idea how to get started in voiceover, he relates everyone on the same level. That in itself is a talent [...]

One On One With Zurek (Rick Party) The Founder Of Voiceover Universe

Recently while in Miami I had a chance to hang out with South Florida's Number One Radio Personality and one of voiceovers best known names, Zurek. I've known Zurek for many years and he has been a talent that I've modeled my own career after. Watch The Interview It was 1998 when I first heard this bold radio personality on V-103 in Atlanta. I was a college student studying to be a radio personality myself when I tuned in to a fresh voice and fun take on afternoon radio on an otherwise bland station. At the time, metro Atlanta wasn't known for racy radio or a personality that took chances. And they weren't ready for Rick Party who brought his brass, in your face, no holds barred style from Chicago to the South. But his time in Atlanta was short and it would be years before I heard of this voice again. Fast forward to 2006, I was with my mentor "Postman". We were watching BET in Postmans studio while working on commercials when I heard that voice again. Not realizing that it was the same voice that had breathed life into V-103's afternoon drive 8 years earlier, I asked Postman "who is that?" He replied "Thats Rick Party. Thats my man. I used to work with him too." When I found out that Zurek was in Miami, a place that I frequented, I asked Postman to introduce me to him. Postman Speaks On Encouraging Zurek To Do Voiceover I met Zurek for the first time that year in Miami over breakfast. He was extremely cool and down to earth, humble but confident. We talked about his journey to perfect his craft. He taught me [...]

6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of The VOICE Convention

The Voice Over International Creative Experience (aka The Voice Convention 2014) happens every two years and brings out some of voiceovers biggest stars. With a convention that only happens bi-annually, its important that not a moment of your time is wasted. Its exciting to see all of your voiceover friends, colleagues and idols all in one place. The VOICE is a place where you can exchange ideas, build relationships, buy products and expand your business potential. But you have to have a strategy for before, during and after the convention.   Before The VOICE Determine why you decided to go to begin with. Everything that you do from this point should be focused on your reasons to attend. You wanted to get something out of it when you paid your registration fee. From that point on every conversation you have, every laugh, every question should be focused on your objective. Of course you should always be your genuine self, but remember that you could have also been your genuine self and saved 600 bucks by staying home Bring Business Cards. But also plan to collect business cards.  Download an app to your phone like Card To Connect on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Plan out your moves. With so many presentations and panels in one place, its hard to keep track. But with a little research online, you can figure out who is important for you to see. The VOICE provides a schedule online that you can print. Print it and mark it up. Hand Out Your Cards. Make sure people remember the card and the face associated with. Mark all of the cards that you receive with notes indicating the level of importance [...]

Dane Reid’s Top 10 Voiceover Websites

Particularly since I started this blog, people ask me all the time for resources on where to get started in voiceover. And there are tons of them. But here are the top ten that I send people to the most. The list is compiled of voiceover entertainment

The Gift Of Gabby- Interview With Voiceover Coach Gabrielle Nistico

When Gabrielle Nistico talks voiceover, be prepared to take notes. This Voice Over Talent, VO Coach, Casting Director, Expert Marketer, Author and Meet Up Group leader wrote the book on starting and growing your voice over career. Actually she’s written more than one book.

Gerald Griffith- Mayor of Voiceover City & VO Atlanta Conference

Gerald GriffithVoiceOver City If you can’t find a way, make a way. If there is no door to open, kick down the wall. And if something already exist, make it better. That seems to be the approach of Gerald Griffith. Gerald is the brains behind a small meetup group turned big deal voiceover resource in the industry that has now launched one successful VO Conference and is now poised to put on the second this march called VO Atlanta 2014. The conference is the largest of its kind in the Southeastern United States. I was first introduced to Gerald’s Voiceover City last year while at a networking event where I met a photographer who knew him. He said to me “You do voiceovers? You should know Gerald Griffith!” He gave me the Voiceover City Website and I checked it out. I was skeptical. A meetup group for Voice Talents in Atlanta? What could this group offer me? And even after meeting Gerald at a “Get Connected” event, I was still not excited. I inquired with him about his background. “So let me get this straight. You don’t do voiceovers but you want to lead an army of talents into this industry war for work? I don’t think so buddy” is what I thought. But having an open mind I attended a meetup. I was still not convinced that this was the way to go. But what I was warming up to was this guy who loved voiceover and the power of the voice. Gerald seemed so passionate about teaching and learning. It was baffling to me. “Why not just start your own voiceover career?” I wondered. But I stayed in touch. Gerald and [...]