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The Making Of A Narration Demo With Gabrielle Nistico

Demo production is both an art and a science. It’s a combination of matching the voice and personality of the talent along with the trends in voiceover production. To do that, not only do you need a producer that knows what are the current trends in voiceover (things like the 6 second commercial), that person also needs to know, or at least have a feel for you as a talent. My Demo Producer Pick It had been too many years since I had updated my demos. When I sent out my last set of demos to various production companies, clients and agents, I had almost always received positive feedback. But among people who knew me, including myself, I had always felt that my demo was a bit stiff. It didn’t truly reflect me as a person. So when I decided to do a new narration demo I wanted someone who knew me as a person as well as having great experience and insight into the world of voiceover. So I picked Gabrielle Nistico. Relationships Matter Gabby and I have known each other for years. She knows my background. She knows my voice and every time we speak it’s always fun. She teases me. We’re both New Yorkers so she gets me and she sees a lot of my crazy social media post and follows me on my adventures. Oh, and she gives great hugs too. While not every talent and their producer will have this kind of relationship, it’s important that there is some kind of relationship beyond “ok, when I press record, say this line kid”. Why is this important? Because the scripts she picked out have to be tailored toward me personally to [...]

VO Agent Jeffrey Umberger- What Books Voiceover Work?

He’s one of the Southeast premiere voiceover agents, representing over 400 talents from celebrity voices to voiceover bloggers like myself. His agency fields auditions for jobs from Publix, to Walking Dead to Network promos and he does it without breaking a sweat. In fact Jeffrey Umberger runs his Atlanta based Umberger Agency almost entirely by himself, and still has time to appear locally and nationally on panels to dish out expert advice on the voiceover industry. To say Jeffrey Umberger has an ear for voiceover would be an understatement. He is one of the most known, respected and talented agents around. And he’s done this all without a New York or L.A. office which is pretty remarkable. Jeffrey has a great ear which he developed while at another agency directing talent. I interviewed Jeffrey Umberger at his home last year in Atlanta. We sat down and he gave me the inside scoop on how to land an agent, what components of a demo catch agents and clients attention and what helps clients book actual jobs. Jeffrey and his expert advice are everywhere. Earlier this year he was a panelist at VO Atlanta 2014. He regularly appears as a panelist around Atlanta, does some coaching and teaches VO business success classes. Additionally he is a featured agent at the “That’s Voiceover” Career Expo in New York and will be appearing at Randy Thomas’s Voiceover Mastery Event in Ft. Myers Fl. To top it off Jeffrey is a really nice and humble guy. Whether you are one of his top booking talent or someone who has no idea how to get started in voiceover, he relates everyone on the same level. That in itself is a talent [...]

Recording Session With Dane Reid

When you produce nightclub commercials all the time, it is important that you have a system. I have templates and a systematic approach to producing that saves me time. While this may not be everyones way of producing "spots" this is mine. Check out this video....