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Gerald Griffith- Mayor of Voiceover City & VO Atlanta Conference

Gerald GriffithVoiceOver City If you can’t find a way, make a way. If there is no door to open, kick down the wall. And if something already exist, make it better. That seems to be the approach of Gerald Griffith. Gerald is the brains behind a small meetup group turned big deal voiceover resource in the industry that has now launched one successful VO Conference and is now poised to put on the second this march called VO Atlanta 2014. The conference is the largest of its kind in the Southeastern United States. I was first introduced to Gerald’s Voiceover City last [...]

My Voiceover Studio- A GoPro Experience

One of the most popular video subjects on YouTube amongst Voiceover Talents and recording enthusiast is the subject of what’s in your studio. This topic, no matter how many times its posted and how many ways it’s recorded, always seems to get thousands of views per video.

Atlanta Voiceover Vet Dane Reid Airs New Voiceover Youtube Series

Voice Over Talents aren't used to being seen, but as of last week, Dane Reid will have a new video in a series that fills a void in the voice over community. Dane Reid For close to 10 year this New York native and voice over professional has made his living by being heard and not seen; Something opposite of what we were taught as children. But when he is seen out in public and networks within Atlanta and elsewhere, he is usually asked the same few questions about his curious profession. Most often he is first asked "How did you get [...]

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