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Dave Fennoy From The Walking Dead (The Hulu Guy)


Dave FennoyIn a world of voice over for animation, Dave Fennoy is a King. I caught up with Dave while he was in town for the DragonConn convention where he was represented as one of the voices of the video game “The Walking Dead”.

You may know Dave Fennoy as the voice of Hulu. But over his 20 plus year career as a voice actor Dave has been the voice for Promos and commercials for Fox, the WB, Starz, TV One, Disney Channel, McDonalds, Corona, Lexus, AT&T, Chrysler, Starcraft 2, Thats So Raven, Spiderman and many, many more brands. But although this A list VO talent keeps a busy schedule voicing projects and traveling internationally with Comicconn conventions, I found him to be down to earth and easily accessible.

I found out that Dave would be in Atlanta by following him on Facebook. I remembered that a friend and fellow talent Kozmo Miller was a personal friend of Daves and had received coaching and mentoring from him early in Kozmos career. So I called Kozmo who reached out to Dave who was connecting flights to Atlanta in Phoenix. Dave was receptive to the idea and not only granted me the interview, but also allowed me access to his live panel discussion at DragonConn.

In the two days I spent with Dave Fennoy and I found him to be outgoing, funny and super knowledgable, all of which add value to his voicing abilities. It was easy to understand how he had booked with so many high end companies. We talked about a wide range of things, from his career, to how the average person could transition from their careers into being a voice talent. He provided valuable information on animation voice over, auditioning and the work that’s involved after booking a job.

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