Voice Over Talents aren’t used to being seen, but as of last week, Dane Reid will have a new video in a series that fills a void in the voice over community.

Dane Reid

Dane Reid

For close to 10 year this New York native and voice over professional has made his living by being heard and not seen; Something opposite of what we were taught as children. But when he is seen out in public and networks within Atlanta and elsewhere, he is usually asked the same few questions about his curious profession. Most often he is first asked “How did you get into that? which is followed by “You do have a nice voice.” and then “I’ve been told I should do voiceovers.

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With so much curiosity surrounding his job, he decided to produce a series of Youtube videos about voice over. Certainly the idea is not new, but what Dane brings to it is a fresh fun energy. Many Youtube videos made by voice actors today lack entertainment value, scripting, viewer engagement or cutouts in the scenes. Dane Reid sought to change that and still allow viewers to follow a real life voice actor throughout his day.

Additionally Reid journeys to other cities towns and countries in search of voice work. Viewers watch him do auditions, commercials and even interview some the industries big voice over Superstars who share their stories and knowledge.

Shows air on Tuesdays at 7am online and his blog can be read and watched at his website DaneReidMedia.com by clicking the banners. With so many voice over newbies and aspiring talents, this new blog and channel are a must see.

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