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Doing Voice Overs and The Blue Screen Of Death

What does a Voiceover Talent do when he has no computer? In this day and age most of us are very reliant on our computers: for keeping in touch with family and friends, for entertainment, and if you are anything like me, doing voice overs.

When my PC displayed the most terrifying message that any PC owner can ever see… the dreaded BSOD (otherwise known as the “Blue Screen of Death”), I was left with downtime to fill until it was repaired.

Whether PC or Mac, occasional computer problems occur in all businesses. But in a small business that relies on its computer to produce its sole product, time is critical. While my good friends at Next Level Computers Ricky and Dave came to my rescue, needless to say, I had some free time on my hands.

I have produced hundreds of commercials and done countless voiceovers with this computer. It stays running most of the day and night and gets little rest and takes a lot of abuse. So regular maintenance is essential; Regular maintenance that I don’t perform. So what does a PC-dependent Production Pro do when his computer goes down?

For a full time voice talent, social networking is important and a good way to fill time, but without a computer, social networking is difficult to do. Instead, I found myself wasting time watching TV, searching for lunch and even grooming. But none of that earns you money.

Luckily Ricky and Dave fixed my computer up nicely! They installed a new hard drive and did some necessary Windows Updates (who does that anyways?)

Some people will find this fodder for the PC/Mac debate but the truth is that I am also a Mac user who has sometimes serious issues with my MacBook Pro. So no, this is not the forum for that debate.

Now you tell me, what goes down when your PC goes down?

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