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A New Look For Dane Reid Media

A  New Look For Dane Reid Media

Since starting a business in 2005, DaneReidMedia.com has had the same look. The design was timeless and very visually appealing. It was professional but still designed to give you a feel for Dane Reid “The Personality” behind the voice.

But over the years Dane Reid Media has grown to be a trusted source in voice over and advertising. Dane Reid has voiced thousands of Commercials, Narrations, DJ Drops and more. So it is only fitting that the site grows with it. The old site was static and had few updates. It was built in a time that we needed a web designer in order to make updates. With a modern platform, we can now keep you up to date with the newest news and blog pieces. The new site will serve as a resource for aspiring voice talents and potential and returning clients.

In addition is a more organized demo section. The demos on the new site are now categorized. No longer do potential clients have to wade through demos that don’t match their search criteria. Now when you desire a video, you go straight to videos and  likewise with general market commercials and others.

Our new look is still visually appealing and has more pictures than ever before. The Gallery has more up to 100 photos. We have added information about the company, terms of service, services, client reviews and info on our pro studio gear.

The site still has a personal touch. But now is more welcoming to our high end clients too. We welcome you to explore the new face of Dane Reid Media.