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Becoming A Voice Over Talent 101

It seems GREAT being a full time or even a part time Voice Over Talent. People tell you all the time that you have a great voice and you should make money off of it. Don’t quit your Day Job!!! Seriously, DON’T!!! It is a process to reach a point that you will actually make money. Pay attention because this is the crash course. The first thing I suggest you do is listen to voice over in all forms of media. We are everywhere. Find a talent that you hear all the time that you think you sound like. Ask someone else who will be honest with you if you sound like this person. Practice their lines and pay attention to the way they say things.
Becoming a voice talent is expensive, so here is a suggested 1st purchase. Purchase an mp3 voice recorder that records radio too. Record commercials with it and then record your own voice. This will help you practice. Do this for a few months before you embarass yourself in front of professionals. (lol) (For some people I recommend taking voice over classes. These classes cost between $400 and $1000.)
After a few MONTHS of practice, it may be time to record a demo. Look for a studio in your area that will record your demo and has access to scripts and stock music. My 1st demo was at a rate of $85 hr for 4 hours; you do the math. After your demo is complete, market it to every studio, station, business and production company in your area. Good luck!!! It’s a tough sell. You will have to do free work to build up your resume. But build it. I recommend interning with a radio or tv station in the production dept. They will teach you a lot. Being able to produce commercials for radio or tv is key to making more demos and more money. Surround yourself with other voice over talent or keep in contact with a talent and ask advice. Hopefully you will find one that is not just trying to sell you his book.
My final piece of advice is to invest in a home studio. A pretty decent starter studio will run you about $1000.00. You will definitely want to upgrade later to get a better sound. This process can be lengthy and may never materialize into success. But if you have a TRUE TALENT and REAL PASSION, go at it. Good Luck.

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