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Recording Session With Dane Reid

When you produce nightclub commercials all the time, it is important that you have a system. I have templates and a systematic approach to producing that saves me time.  While this may not be everyones way of producing “spots” this is mine.

I start off with a template that lays out all of my tracks. I record with 15 standard tracks. 2 regular voice tracks that I alternate and stack my voice on. 2 sound effects tracks. 3 music tracks and 8 voice tracks with all my most used special effects plug ins. If I need more tracks I can always add them.

Even mixing is standard for me. I mix every commercial with the same standard mix. Sometimes I play around to get a new sound. Once I find that sound, I save it in the template.

Producing 60 second club commercials usually takes me a few hours but I have done it in as little as 45 min thanks to this system. But generally I like to take time with each commercial I deliver to my client. A lot of money is riding on the right radio ad so you can never slack off.